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Openhouse Charity Partner

Openhouse Products are the leading manufacturer for the Emergency Services and Health sector across the UK, supplying a large range of off the shelf bags, medical equipment and consumables. Becoming the charity partner to this fantastic organisation is a huge boost to our medical response.

Our director, Samantha Proctor, explains a bit more about why MEDSERVE Wales were chosen as the overall winner.

“MEDSERVE Wales are a highly valued resource for South Wales, with volunteer immediate care practitioners working incredibly hard in support of the ambulance service who we know have been pushed to their absolute limit over the last 12 months.

The nominations highlighted the fact that many of the bags the team are currently using are old and therefore hard to keep clean. This poses an additional danger to the team who are already at risk coming into close contact with the public in their primary NHS jobs as well as volunteering for the service. As such, we felt that they will really benefit from the prize to equip new solo responders as the service grows, and ensure all staff have access to equipment that is better suited to their needs.”

Medserve Wales will now receive up to £1,500 worth of new bags from us, bespoke to their needs, as well as continued support of their work and brand awareness for the coming year.

Thank you Openhouse!

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