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MEDSERVE Wales is a branch of the British Association of Immediate Care (BASICS) based in South Wales. Its members are all volunteers available to provide enhanced care at any time of day that they are called upon. 


The members come from a variety of medical backgrounds, including consultants in anaesthesia, emergency medicine and pre-hosptial emergency medicine, speciality doctors, paramedics, nurses and advanced critical care practitioners.  



MEDSERVE Wales was formed in 1994 by a group of General Practitioners to fulfil the unmet need of providing enhanced medical care to injured and ill persons at the scene of an incident.

At this time in South Wales there was no other provision of enhanced care available beyond the statutory ambulance response.

We have continued to provide enhanced care to the people of South Wales over the past 24 years. We currently have ten solo responders, and a number of other members who can respond as part of a team, available to deploy on behalf of the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust (WAST), 24 hours a day.




MEDSERVE provides seriously ill or injured patients with timely, high quality and life saving enhanced care. In practice, we can deliver several interventions not available from the statutory Ambulance Service response by attending scene on blue lights at the request of WAST.

These interventions are termed “enhanced care” and includes advanced pain relief with drugs and nerve block injections, providing experienced and senior clinical decision making on scene, mechanical CPR and ventilation, advanced resuscitation techniques, surgical procedures and anaesthesia.

Our team are often indistinguishable on scene and to our patients, as we integrate fully with the statutory services. Given the serious and often tragic nature of the incidents we attend, those patients and families that we serve are often unaware that they have received care from volunteers, responding in their own time.

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