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Registered Charity 1039032

Oil 4 Wales

Oil 4 Wales is a family-run business, established in the heart of Wales by Colin Owens, built with the support of his wife Shirley, daughter Sally, and son Paul. Whether it’s supplying MEDSERVE Wales with fuel so they can carry on with their crucial, life-saving work, taking part in charity events, or lending our ambassadors to raise money for an important cause- Oil 4 Wales have always been passionate about truly being part of the Welsh community, which is why you’ll find them at as many Welsh festivals as they can go to during the summer show season! Oil 4 Wales proudly support Medserve Wales by providing us with fuel for journeys around Wales. They believe that it’s important to do what they can to help, and so that’s exactly what they do. We ae continually thankful for the support. If you wish to learn more about Oil 4 Wales including their community projects, visit the website: https://www.oil4wales.co.uk