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Team Governance

Team members are required to complete the appropriate governance when undertaking pre-hospital activities. Below is a list of both team shift governance and individual cases required for appropriate audit of activities. Please complete the relevant form as close to the time of the event as possible to ensure accurate records. Please also ensure there are no patient identifiable details within the submissions. Detailed case reports will only be generated from the specific cardiac arrest, trauma and medical case report submission forms. 

There is a list of procedures requiring governance at the bottom of the page, however please complete the appropriate tasking and the specific procedures will be accessible after completion of the case details. 

Procedures requiring governance review:

  • Pre-hospital Emergency Anaesthesia (PHEA)

  • Pre-hospital Sedation

  • Transcutaneous pacing

  • DC Cardioversion

  • Surgical Airway

  • Simple Thoracostomy

  • Resuscitative Thoracotomy

  • Resuscitative Hysterotomy

  • Pre-hospital Amputation

  • Safeguarding referral

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