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Chris Williams

Advanced Critical Care Practitioner

Tier 2 Solo Responder

Chris Williams is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner (ACCP) with a wealth of experience in critical care settings. He has been a critical care nurse since 1998, with associated involvement in education, simulation and governance in both critical care and anaesthetic settings. He has specific interests in transfer and retrieval of the critically ill patient, as well as education, being a lecturer in MSc critical care. He has been involved in pre-hospital emergency medicine since 2017 being a first responder with the Welsh Ambulance Service and associated with BASICs (British Association of Immediate Care) from 2018. His involvement with MEDSERVE has allowed him to develop his advanced skills from NHS practice and provide enhanced care in the pre-hospital environment, whilst training with MEDSERVE has also complimented his NHS practice. Chris is proud to be part of MEDSERVE Wales, being part of a group of highly skilled professionals supporting the Welsh Ambulance Service to help the public in their hour of need. If Chris is available, he is more than happy to assist anyone that may need his help, and he does this in the hope that if needed, the favour will be returned.